The Interest Rate Solution                   
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If you had read this e-book last year, you could have avoided the year of misinformation provided by the financial media!!!!

Why have they NOW begun to tell the truth about the economy and interest rates?

What's the true story behind the continued stalling in raising even short-term interest rates???

Are you STILL making big mistakes with your mortgage transactions?. I’ve saved over $36,850 $53,420… could save more.

 From this simple little 32 40 page e-book, you will be better equipped to,

            arm yourself with a crucial detail for your home purchase or refinance,

            rearrange your savings into more productive areas of your household budget,
            find a highly accurate and critical cue, from the news, that will tell you what to expect from interest rates for years to come,

            guide your lender toward the path that’s best for YOU, not for them,

            know where to look for clues to the directions of the general financial markets.

 This is a LOT of information from one little book.  I know it is.  I just believe in delivering huge value to others, just as I much as I enjoy finding it for myself.


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What's Your Current Rate??  
What would a rate under 3%, like mine, do for your monthly pocketbook???

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I'm on my way to saving 38% of my initial mortgage cost.  What's 38% of YOUR mortgage???

Over $200 billion dollars could have been saved by consumers over the past 15 years, based upon a $10T U.S. market, and saving only 1/2 of our results!!!!!

What technique is in use in management of many high net-worth portfolios, and unavailable to others??
And, what is the 100+ year old economic theory that could help guide you in your BIG decisions???
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